Buying Guide: Best Router Tables

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Aside from their obvious advantages, they are also a fun piece of equipment to own. There are plenty of features to consider when purchasing your first router table.

SawStop 10” Contractor Saw With T-Glide Fence System

4.6 Overall Editor Rating

Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181

  • Dedicated standard dust-collection port
  • Easy-to-use adjustable feather boards 
  • Rigid aluminum mounting plate
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Best router tables are a must-have for any woodworker. Here’s a list of the best routers to buy, along with their features, so that you can find the perfect fit for your needs.

Top 5 Router Tables In 2021

Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181• Easy-to-use adjustable feather boards
• Cord-wrap storage
• Storage pocket
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SKIL RAS900 Router TableSKIL RAS900 Router Table• Router Clamp
• Two Featherboards
• Large Aluminum Fence
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Kreg PRS1045 Router TableKreg PRS1045 Router Table• Easily-Adjustable Steel Stand
• Customizable
• Heavy-Duty
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Bosch Cabinet Style Router Table RA117Bosch Cabinet Style Router Table RA117• Easy to use
• Precision
• Support
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Bosch RA1141 Portable Jobsite Router TableBosch RA1141 Portable Jobsite Router Table• Starter pin and guard
• Onboard storage
• Ultra-portable design
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Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router TableKreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table• Multi Purpose Router Table Switch
• Wide stance heavy-duty steel stand
• Easy-Slide surface
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Rockler Trim Router TableRockler Trim Router Table• Fits Most Popular Trim Routers
• Easy To Use
• Compatibility
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Kreg Precision PRS1045 Router TableKreg Precision PRS1045 Router Table• Router Table Fence
• Includes Router Table Top
• Multi-purpose steel stand
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Bosch 1617EVSPK Wood Router Tool Combo KitBosch 1617EVSPK Wood Router Tool Combo Kit• 12-Amp, 2.25 HP
• 8,000 – 25,000 RPM
• Micrometer adjustment.
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1. Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181

SawStop 10” Contractor Saw With T-Glide Fence System

4.6 Overall Editor Rating

Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181

  • Rigid aluminum mounting plate
  • Extra tall aluminum fence
  • Cord-wrap storage.
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The Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181 is one of the most versatile benchtop router tables currently on the market.

Its adjustable fence and more diminutive stature make it easy to work with. While other benchtop routers do not include an accessory attachment point, this product has this bonus.

Box of Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181

The Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181 is very versatile and can support many different routers. It also has a large work surface and a portable design to make the router table versatile and portable.

While it can accommodate many different router types, there are some that it will not work with. This is because of the fact that the table does not have any holes for attaching router accessories.

The Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181 has a large work surface and will accommodate both long and short workpieces. This makes it ideal for both beginners and professional woodworkers alike.

Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181 Review

Feature of the Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181

  • Large aluminum top for extended work area, durability, and precision.
  • Pre-drilled aluminum mounting plate that accommodates a wide range of routers
  • Extra tall aluminum fence with adjustable MDF faceplates and feather boards to maximize precision and versatility.
  • Easy to access dust collection port for a cleaner work environment.
  • Stay clean with an accessory port that fits a standard vacuum hose.
  • Aluminum mounting plate makes it compatible with all your router table needs.
  • Tall fences will help you work on intricate projects.
  • Keep your router secure with the rigid aluminum underside.
  • Cord wrap will keep your power cord secure.
  • Feather boards help you make straight, precise cuts.
Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181 Customer Review

Pros & Cons of the Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181


  • Well-built and portable
  • The large aluminum top is sufficient to tackle large workpieces
  • The mounting plate is compatible with various routers
  • Adjusting the table height is easy
  • Featherboards are adjustable
  • Featherboards increase its versatility and precision
  • The dust-collection system keeps the working area clean
  • The storage pocket lets you store router accessories
  • It comes with a starter pin and guard
  • The plate has a pre-drilled hole for the lifting mechanism.


  • The tabletop isn’t fat
  • The two pieces of the fence don’t line up with each other
  • It doesn’t come with four locknuts to bolt the router plate.

Bottom Line: Overall, the Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181 is an excellent option for woodworkers of all skill levels.

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2. SKIL RAS900 Router Table

SKIL RAS900 Router Table

4.5 Overall Editor Rating

SKIL RAS900 Router Table

  • Aluminum miter gauge slot
  • Integrated bit storage
  • Large 16-inch aluminum fence.
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The SKIL RAS900 router table is a compact design with a self-contained accessory storage bag that contains all the necessary components to create accurate routing jobs. The table’s quick-release mount makes it easy to set up and takedown.

This product comes with a starter pin and guards for support when routing curved edges, two feather boards, a bit height gauge for easier bit setup and cutting precision, a bit inserts kit, an adjustable laminated MDF fence face for more accuracy during setting up the workpiece position as well as an integrated accessory storage bag.

SKIL RAS900 Router Table Customer Review

The design of the fence is pretty cool because it extends one inch on each side allowing you enough room to move your piece without hitting the fence or cutting it in half.

Features of the SKIL RAS900 Router Table

  • The RAS900 comes with two accessory storage compartments — one on the left side of the table and one on the right side.
  • It also is fitted with a quick-release router mount that allows for easy bit changes and no leveling required.
  • It also has a self-contained structure that is pre-assembled with an integrated accessory storage bag and laminated MDF top.
  • The RAS900 also has a folding design that means the table comes pre-assembled with minimal setup needed and legs fold for storage.
  • The table is made of aluminum and wood composite.
SKIL RAS900 Router Table Review

Pros & Cons of the SKIL RAS900 Router Table


  • Sturdy and portable
  • The integrated bit storage saves considerable time
  • It features a flat aluminum miter gauge slot
  • It can tackle tall stock effortlessly
  • The fence comes with adjustable MDF faceplates
  • It protects against kickback
  • The router clamp enables you to access tools beneath the table
  • You can use it as a jointer
  • The miter gauge functions smoothly.


  • The aluminum miter slot is entirely unusual
  • Difficult to find parts for replacements.

Bottom Line: This is a great router table for the price, perfect for beginners or more experienced users of routers. It’s easy to set up, for beginners with this model there are instructions included.

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3. Kreg PRS1045 Router Table

Kreg PRS1045 Router Table

4.6 Overall Editor Rating

Kreg PRS1045 Router Table

  • Self-squaring router table fence 
  • Precision insert-plate system
  • Easily-adjustable steel stand.
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The Kreg PRS1045 router table is a great tool for woodworkers and DIYers. It comes with a pre-assembled stand, premium tabletop, feather boards, and includes all of the tools needed to make quality products like furniture.

The company has built its reputation on providing high-quality products at an affordable price. This router table is no exception. The Kreg PRS1045 comes with a bunch of accessories making it a great value.

Kreg PRS1045 Router Table Customer Review

Kreg’s PRS1045 Precision Router Table has an on/off switch and is easy to install. It comes complete with a storage case with drawers.

The tabletop and supporting columns are made of solid steel, and its base is made of aluminum. Both high-quality and affordable, the Kreg PRS1045 router table is a great tool for professional woodworking projects.

Features of the Kreg PRS1045 Router Table

  • A durable, steel stand with levelers to compensate for uneven floors.
  • A large, anodized aluminum fence that is easy to adjust.
  • A built-in, dust port to help control dust collection.
  • Two jointing rods for easy setup and adjustment.
  • Multi-purpose T-Square style fence for routing and mortising
  • Table with miter gauge/T-track and 4 precision insert-plate levelers
  • Precision router table top with 1″-thick (25mm) MDF core, leveler sockets, and steel reinforcing struts for flatness.
Kreg PRS1045 Router Table Review

Pros & Cons of the Kreg PRS1045 Router Table


  • It comes with a table stop
  • The fence is adjustable
  • You can use the system with other tops
  • Easy to set up
  • Solidly built
  • The casters are rugged and roll efficiently
  • The fence remains locked in place
  • Its extensions are also helpful.


  • The adjustable paddle is stiff
  • Its quality control isn’t good
  • Instructions are vague.

Bottom Line: The Kreg PRS1045 is a quality tool that offers professional results at an affordable price. It is easy to use and comes with a bunch of accessories. Overall, it is a great tool that can help professional woodworkers create quality furniture.

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4. Bosch Cabinet Style Router Table RA117

Bosch Cabinet Style Router Table RA117

4.5 Overall Editor Rating

Bosch Cabinet Style Router Table RA117

  • Adjustable MDF faceplates
  • Tall aluminum fence
  • Two dust collection ports.
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The tall fence is great for taller stock, and the MDF faceplates and feather boards help maximize precision during use. This router table also includes two dust ports at the fence and one at the cabinet to reduce any job site dust or debris.

Bosch Cabinet Style Router Table RA117 Customer Review

Finally, this router table includes many great features such as a clean laminated work surface for accuracy, an aluminum mounting plate that can be adjusted to best suit your needs depending on your router choice, and it includes two adjustable feather boards that are fully adjustable to best fit any workpiece up to 3/4 inch thick.

Features of the Bosch Cabinet Style Router Table RA117

  • Expandable to handle a variety of files up to 48-1/4-inch wide
  • Adjustable feather boards for support and accuracy
  • Ideal for manufacturing, engineering, and hobbyists
  • Built-in dust collection system cleans the complete table
  • Aluminum router mounting plate can span different heights for compatibility with different routers
  • Expanded support options include MDF faceplates, feather boards, and accessory slot
  • The cabinet style construction provides sturdiness, storage, and dust collection
  • Fits most standard 2 1/2 inch vacuum hoses
Bosch Cabinet Style Router Table RA117 Review

Pros & Cons of the Bosch Cabinet Style Router Table RA1171


  • The tall and sturdy aluminum fence can manage tall workpieces easily
  • It operates smoothly with adjustable MDF faceplates
  • The plate stays flat
  • Its mounting plate ensures precise cuts
  • It’s compatible with a variety of routers
  • The featherboards offer added guidance
  • It protects against kickback
  • It keeps the workspace clean with its dust collection ports
  • Convenient to use
  • It boasts a cabinet-style construction that ensures stability
  • The tall fence offers greater control
  • Wood slides cross the surface beautifully
  • Comes with 1-year limited warranty.


  • The tabletop isn’t durable as expected
  • It comes with plastic legs.

Bottom Line: The Bosch RA1171 Router Table is a very useful tool for all sorts of woodworking. If you are looking for a compact router table that has great precision, this is the one for you.

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5. Bosch RA1141 Portable Jobsite Router Table

Bosch RA1141 Portable Jobsite Router Table

4.4 Overall Editor Rating

Bosch RA1141 Portable Jobsite Router Table

  • Laminated MDF top
  • Bistro-height gauge
  • Ultra-portable design.
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The Bosch RA1141 Portable Jobsite Router Table is the perfect addition to your workshop!

With the Easy Click router mount, get stability without any leveling required. This table has a versatile workspace with laminated MDF face plates for better support. Plus, there are durable storage compartments in the legs for convenience and portability.

The adjustable laminated MDF fence is tall enough to handle the bigger workpieces, and there’s a bit-height gauge for easier bit setup and increased cut precision. The large base plate has an easy mount clamp to keep the router secure.

Unboxing of Bosch RA1141 Portable Jobsite Router Table

The Easy Click router mount secures quickly and easily, and there’s a T-slot on the table for use with various miter gauges. The large base plate features an easy-to-mount clamp to help keep the router secure.

Features of the Bosch RA1141 Portable Jobsite Router Table

  • Foldable legs for easy transport and storage
  • Laminated MDF top provides enhanced stability and support
  • Variable feather boards offer extra control during the cross-cut process
  • Onboard storage for router bits and other accessories
  • Bistro height gauge makes it easy to set up bit height by eye
  • Soft start motor for gradual speed transitions
  • Full baseplate gives stability during any routing process
  • Soft start motor for gradual speed transitions
Bosch RA1141 Portable Jobsite Router Table Review

Pros & Cons of the Bosch RA1141 Portable Jobsite Router Table


  • It comes with foldable legs
  • Quick to set up and easy to store
  • It features easy click router mounting system
  • It comes with onboard storage 
  • The starter pin and guard offer easy control on curved workpieces
  • Enjoy enhanced cut precision
  • Its dust port keeps the work area clean
  • A tall fence allows added control on taller stock
  • The featherboards offer added control when feeding stock.


  • It’s a bit unstable
  • The plastic inserts don’t lay flat on a smooth surface
  • Other accessories are made of cheap plastic.

Bottom Line: This is a functional router table that offers good value for the cost. It’s very portable and will fit in most spaces. However, it does require some assembly.

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6. Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table

Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table

4.5 Overall Editor Rating

Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table

  • Extra-large 16” x 24” MDF tabletop 
  • New Level-Loc reducing rings
  • Heavy-duty steel stand.
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While Kreg is recognized for its high-quality products, you cannot question the reliability and durability of the PRS2100 router table. If you want to give a professional touch to your workshop, go for this machinery. It comes up with more admirable features than previous Kreg models. And indeed, it’s elegant. Unlike many other benchtop router tables, the Kreg PRS2100 can bear bigger routers due to its insert plate. It measures 9-1/4” by 11-3/4” by 3/8”.

Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table Review

Moreover, the router table features three Level-Loc rings that flush with the plate’s surface and twist into place. It has a marking underside carved with a laser to help you mount the router easily. Kreg has equipped this device with insert levelers, a high-quality fence, and a benchtop router for better precision. The industrial quality fence makes the table sturdier to combat several uneven stresses. 

The fence sits tightly in place with cam clamps, keeping you safe while working. In addition, the clamps will allow you to adjust the fence easily. However, the Kreg PRS2100 comes with a noise-absorbing MDF tabletop and a rugged steel base intended to reduce vibration. Together with its rubber feet, the Kreg PRS2100 is one of the quietest table routers out there on the market. This router table is engineered to accompany you for years, promising the best quality of work. 

And interestingly, its heavy-duty steel stand attests to this fact. Therefore, you can use it as a better storage option. Furthermore, the PRS2100 packs a full-sized router insert plate. Make use of the three-level-loc rings to lock the router. This router table comes with dust collection ports and a Vacuum shroud. They will efficiently remove the dust particles and dirt from the system, maintaining the cleanliness of the router table. Eventually, you can make precise cuts, maintaining its accuracy. 

Features of the Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table

  • Industrial-quality fence to withstand uneven stresses or workforce.
  • Adjustable faces for precise cuts.
  • The insert plate offers support to the material that you want to cut.
  • The insert plate levelers allow you to easily place the material on the plate.
  • The Level-Loc reducing rings will let you set the table’s level according to the workpiece’s height.
  • The MDF tabletop is designed to minimize unevenness and vibration produced during operation.
  • The heavy-duty stainless-steel stand can handle large cutting tasks. It can even be used to store other components and accessories. 
  • The sturdy tabletop renders stability to the structure of this router table.
  • A quick clamp system allows you to affix the material you want to cut on the table.
  • The dust collection system will maintain the cleanliness of the table, removing dust particles from the system.
Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table Customer Review

Pros & Cons of the Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table


  • The face is easily adjustable
  • Well-built and durable
  • It produces less vibration 
  • The insert plate offers excellent support
  • The workpiece stays in a stable position
  • You can easily adjust the table’s level based on the workpiece’s height
  • It produces the least noise while running
  • It comes with a starter pin that can be easily removed and installed
  • The table is accompanied by a template that makes it easy to drill holes
  • It works excellent with large-sized routers.


  • The center plate isn’t flat side to side
  • The red disks don’t sit entirely
  • Its plastic parts are not durable.
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7. Rockler Trim Router Table

Rockler Trim Router Table

4.3 Overall Editor Rating

Rockler Trim Router Table

  • ¼” thick acrylic base
  • T-Knobs for fence adjustments
  • High-visibility safety bit guard.
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Rockler brings up a rugged, adjustable tabletop router table that can be carried anywhere. If you are looking for a router table for small applications like chamfers and routing round-ovens, this would be perfect. This Rockler trim router table is easy to set up. You would even require no tools to detach the router from the table. This means you can use this device for multi-purpose work. 

For example, you can detach the router from the table in no time and use it in a standalone fashion. After some time, the router can be mounted back onto the router table. The wood router tool table offers better control of hand-held routers. However, the table comes with pre-drilled holes that allow you to connect to a clamping strip. Thus, you can clamp onto any horizontal surface. Likewise, it can be quickly attached to a table, bench, or flat surface.

Rockler Trim Router Table Review

This router table is vinyl-wrapped ¾” MDF, measuring 15-1/2” deep x 11-1/2” wide. Another essential feature is the ¼” thick acrylic pre-drilled base, offering a stable connection to the table. Moreover, it boasts a pre-drilled adjustable fence compatible with the brand’s router table dust port. Well, you need to purchase this port separately. The Rockler router table has a high-visibility bit guard and is 5-3/4” diameter acrylic base x ¼” thick. 

Furthermore, it includes T-knobs to allow you to make fence adjustments easily. Even a high-visibility safety bit guard means you can carry out your work with complete peace of mind. 

Features of the Rockler Trim Router Table 

  • Pre-drilled holes on its backside allow you to attach a clamping strip
  • The pre-drilled acrylic base of ¼” thickness offers stability to the table
  • The ¾” vinyl-wrapped MDF measures only 15-1/2” deep x 11-1/2” wide
  • Its T-knob enables quick fence adjustments
  • This router table is easy to set up and detach
  • It’s compatible with DeWalt DW611, Porter Cable 450, Bosch Colt, and other popular trim routers.
Rockler Trim Router Table Customer Review

Pros & Cons of the Rockler Trim Router Table 


  • Rugged and portable
  • You can use it on any surface
  • Perfect for small applications
  • Easy to set up 
  • Easy to detach the router from the table
  • The fence is easily adjustable
  • The dust port system works great
  • It works fine with any compact router
  • It’s handy
  • The green chip guard works superbly in collecting dust.


  • It’s not ideal for heavy use.
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8. Kreg Precision PRS1045 Router Table 

Kreg Precision PRS1045 Router Table 

4.6 Overall Editor Rating

Kreg Precision PRS1045 Router Table 

  • 24” x 32” router tabletop
  • 36” T-square style table fence
  • Adjustable multi-purpose steel stand.
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If you are looking for a router that offers you substantial space to carry out your woodworking tasks, this router table is for you. The Kreg Precision PRS1045 has virtually everything, including the router, a great fence, automatic squaring, and two feather boards to meet all your cutting needs. In addition, Kreg has equipped this router table with a sturdy aluminum fence to handle big workpieces effortlessly by locking it securely in place. There’s even a micro-adjustable knob. You will also benefit from two sliding fence faces that act as vertical joiners.

Nonetheless, among the most impressive feature is its large workspace, measuring 24” x 32”. This means you will get ample space to work with big workpieces comfortably. And it’s durable too, allowing you to work smoothly for years to come. Another important feature of this router table is its two featherboards, ensuring added safety while operating the machine for cuts. So no fear of slipping your fingers into the tool. However, the cherry on the top is this table’s versatility.

Kreg Precision PRS1045 Router Table Customer Review

The manufacturer has offered a unique combination of T-track and miter in the PRS1045. This makes maneuvering this router table malleable and easy. You can set the table height by adjusting its legs on the top. Another plus is its dust collection port that collects the dust in the chamber. And after completing your work, you can just vacuum up the collected dirt. In addition, you can adjust the height of the stainless steel stand from 31” to 39”. And Kreg has redevised the outfeed anchor to make the tablespace more usable and hassle-free to remove.

Features of the Kreg Precision PRS1045 Router Table 

  • The included router insert plate is designed to mount to another router
  • The two independent fence faces and L-shaped aluminum extrusion offer zero-clearance support
  • MDF tabletop covered in easy-slide micro-dot laminate
  • Its aluminum miter channel & T-slot are compatible with various accessories
  • The powder-coated multi-purpose steel stand ensures durability
  • The insert plate, Level-Loc, and T-square table fence feature a micro-adjustable wheel for accurate setups
  • Its outfeed anchor is redesigned to boost the utility of the tablespace
  • The height of the sturdy steel stand can be adjusted between 31” and 39”.
Kreg Precision PRS1045 Router Table Review

Pros & Cons of the Kreg Precision PRS1045 Router Table 


  • Easy to assemble
  • It comes with an easy-to-use template
  • Highly durable
  • Well-built and portable
  • The stand can be easily adjusted
  • It comes with a table stop 
  • The newer fence has included micro-adjustment
  • You can use the fence also with other tops
  • The steel frame is made of a sturdy gauge
  • It features strong casters that roll easily and quietly.


  • The package doesn’t come with a ring set
  • The four bolts attaching the fence to the adjuster’s head are too short
  • Its adjustable paddle is stiffer.
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9. Bosch 1617EVSPK Wood Router Tool Combo Kit

Bosch 1617EVSPK Wood Router Tool Combo Kit

4.8 Overall Editor Rating

Bosch 1617EVSPK Wood Router Tool Combo Kit

  • 12-Amp, 2.25 HP
  • 8,000 – 25,000 RPM
  • Micrometer adjustment.
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Finally, we have one of the best routers available from Bosch – the 1617EVSPK. This router table boasts an impressive design. It’s robust, and that calls for its durability. The motor case and base are of heavy-duty aluminum, making them sturdier and last longer. Moreover, it features a power switch with a dust seal to prevent damage. 

This router table is very convenient to use, thanks to the soft-grip handles on the plunge base and wooden handles on the stationary base. You will also benefit from an exclusive clamp system that enables the motor to move around freely. However, another unique feature of this router table is its Depth Adjustment System. This will allow you to adjust the device as microfine bit and coarse. You even get an armature shaft for ensuring appreciating shank capacity and more accuracy. 

Bosch 1617EVSPK comes with a variable speed dial that will allow you to adjust the speed depending on your material and task. However, the brilliant performance of this router table is due to its 12-Amp motor, ensuring 2.25HP. And its full aluminum housing attests to its durability. 

Box of Bosch 1617EVSPK Wood Router Tool Combo Kit

A significant feature is the engine’s variable speed. This means you can alter the motor’s speed as per your needs, minimizing the risk of overheating. In addition, its micro-fine depth adjustment system also contributes to the tool’s performance. The depth can be adjusted up to 1/64”, promising precise and clear cuts. Its fixed-base router offers consistent speed while carrying out your work.

Above all, you get a Constant Response Circuitry for the router to monitor itself. This even helps to control the speed level while cutting. And one of the best things that make it a popular choice is its weight. It’s not too hefty nor too light- it has an ideal weight. This router table is the complete package, including a tool kit. Each component comes securely in a carrying case, protecting the accessories and tools from damage. Plus, it’s easy to carry. 

Feature of the Bosch 1617EVSPK Wood Router Tool Combo Kit

  • A powerful 12-Amp motor delivering speeds ranging from 8,000 to 25,000 RPM
  • The variable speed dial helps to adjust the motor speed as per the task and workpiece
  • A Constant-Response circuitry to maintain consistent speed under load
  • The power switch is entirely dust-sealed, ensuring more durability
  • The quick-clamp system helps in quick, tool-free movement
  • Its precision-centered design allows being on the intended cut line while utilizing templates or jigs
  • The template guide adapter enables easy and fast changes without tools
  • The soft-grip handles on the plunge-base offer enhanced comfort and control at all plunge depths
  • Its 2” sub-base openings and wide base openings accept bigger bits, offering better visibility
  • The versatile kit consists of all the elements required for fixed-depth routing.
Bosch 1617EVSPK Wood Router Tool Combo Kit Review

Pros & Cons of the Bosch 1617EVSPK Wood Router Tool Combo Kit


  • Sturdy construction and durable
  • It packs a variable-speed router
  • It comes with a soft start motor
  • Perfect weight
  • The dust seal offers enhanced protection
  • The power switch is dust-sealed
  • It features a micrometer adjustment on its fixed base
  • The combo kit comes in a quality plastic case


  • Instructions are poor
  • The motor does not glide smoothly in or out of either base
  • The depth stop is flimsy
  • Collects do not always offer a positive grip
  • Lack of attachments
  • There is no arbor lock
  • It’s pretty difficult to change the bits. 
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Router Tables: How to choose the Best One for You?

Here, we will be getting into some things to consider when purchasing a router table. Router compatibility, fence, and accessories are what we will be going over. For example, will your router be compatible with the table? Or will you need a new fence to make use of the router?

Router compatibility

First, the router’s compatibility is something you should be keeping in mind. You can get an insert plate that will allow you to use your router even if it wasn’t meant to work with the table.

You can also pick up a router that comes with the table. Doing this will ensure that your router works well with the fence and table itself.


The fence needs to be made of high-quality materials, so it doesn’t warp over time. The fence should also be durable so it can last for a long time. If you’re already buying the router you will need to look at the fence.

You might also consider getting an extra fence so you can use different types of routers on your table. This is perfect if you have friends who own routers that are different from the ones that came with your router.


Another accessory that many people like to purchase is a keyed bit holder. This is nice because you will always know where your bits are. Also, they’re fairly inexpensive so it shouldn’t break the ban.

A lot of router tables have a dust collection system included. This is great because you don’t have to purchase a separate one. However, if you already have a dust collection system, the table might not work with it so be sure to check before purchasing.


When using a router table for a large project, it’s best to have additional support surrounding the table. This is to provide additional stability for the user. Also, using a router table with a large project will also allow you to get the best routing possible.

Also, when using the router table, always be sure to use a push block or feather board. This will help to give more support to the workpiece. You can also get holders for your routers which will give you more space while working.

When choosing a router table it’s imperative that you choose one that is going to give you the best experience possible while working.


Now that you know what the best router tables are, it’s up to you to decide which one is worth purchasing. We encourage you to do your own research before making a decision.

Router tables are an investment, after all! The more you know before you buy one, the better off you will be in the end!

You won’t regret buying any of these router tables. The quality is excellent for this price range and there are features available in each model that make them unique.

Hopefully, this article has helped you to choose the best router table for your needs. If you’ve come across another router table that can compete with our Top 5, please let us know in the comments!

We’re always looking for new and exciting things to add to our site. Feel free to share your experiences with the models we spoke about here, we want to hear from you! Thanks for reading and happy woodworking!