Best Heat Gun Reviews With Buyer Guide

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You may have never heard of a heat gun before, but they are one of the most versatile tools for DIYers.

Heat guns are low-temperature heating devices that you can use to loosen paint or remove old wallpaper. You can also use them with other materials like corrugated metal sheets and glass panels for home projects such as making your own greenhouse or sunroof (heat guns aren’t just for loosening paint!).

And best of all? They’re relatively inexpensive! The average price is around $100-$150. So if you’ve been thinking about getting a heat gun, now is definitely the time to do it!

Here we will be reviewing some of the best ones on the market and giving you an overview of the features to look for in a heat gun and an in-depth buying guide.

SAFETY: Readers, please remember that you should never use a heat gun without proper safety equipment! It can cause severe burns if you get too close or use it on too explosive materials. Use protective gear like safety goggles and gloves when working with these tools.

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The 10 Best Heat Guns

Wagner Spraytech HT1000 Heat Gun

Forget the paint stripper. This Wagner heat gun will loosen up that latex paint with ease. What are you waiting for? Go to your local hardware store and get one!

The fan speed setting gives you total control of any project need. The gun can remove old caulking or putty in no time at all with its ability to heat up fast! You can use your heat gun for shrinking electrical wires or anything else too complicated.

Product Features

  • This innovative Wagner Spraytech HT1000 heat gun has an integrated stand, corrosion-resistant nozzle, and an onboard hanging hook; all contribute to this tool’s classy convenience.
  • Whether you need to shrink wrap some pallets or remove paint from your railing, this handheld tool will get the job done quickly without compromising quality workmanship.
  • Safely operate your Wagner Spraytech HT1000 heat gun on virtually any surface, including wood or metal, without worrying about melting your furniture or setting fire to the house by using the safety switch at the back end of this fantastic product!

DEWALT D26960K Heat Gun

Designing your dream home can be time-consuming. But with one of DEWALT’s new cleverly designed hard cases, you won’t have to worry about hunting down screws or damaging fragile materials during transport anymore!

The thick padding surrounding the contents of this hourglass-shaped case offers the ultimate protection for delicate equipment, and the large clear view window allows you to see what is inside without opening it.

Keep your work area clean with any of these accessories that fit perfectly into the 4 included storage compartments on each side. You’ll never need another toolbox again once you invest in this easy-to-store high-quality piece of mind.

Product Features

  • It has been designed for maximum efficiency and functionality with an LCD that allows users to adjust the heat in 50-degree increments.
  • Built-in hang ring adds a convenient storage feature to prevent mishaps in hot tools closets
  • Built-in overload protection shuts the heating element down automatically if a high temperature is reached – no more scorched or burned spots on your darling home.
  • This lightweight, compact piece of equipment has an ergonomic comfort grip for long hours of use.


Spread the Hotness with the PORTER-CABLE PC1500HG Heat Gun. Step up your game and smooth out any surface like a pro with the high and low settings, leaving behind a flawless glow.

It has 1500 watts of energy, which will make it easy to cut through the winter and get at those pesky hobbies you need to be done! The price is right and with a good enough warranty, you know it’s reliable and worth every penny.

Get creative: make wood look like new again, melt chocolate for all those annoying jar labeling tasks at work, even use it to shrink down dry cleaning or draperies quickly.

Product Features

  • This heat gun from PORTER-CABLE has a 2-speed selector for on-the-spot, dual temperature settings.
  • It features an integrated support stand that allows for hands-free use of the gun.
  • You can also adjust the temperature between 400°F to 1200°F by simply turning the variable temperature dial on top of the device.
  • The integrated hanging hook means that you can store it anywhere with ease, and the 6-foot power cord lets you stay plugged in during those cold days or working on high ledges.

DEWALT DCE530B Cordless Heat Gun

The DEWALT cordless heat gun features a thermofoil nozzle and trigger to provide better control and more efficiency. It has up to 990 degrees Fahrenheit/ 532 degrees Celsius max output temperature that ranges from 500-990 degrees Fahrenheit/ 253-540 degrees Celsius.

Thanks to its high energy density battery pack, its runtime extend up to 42 minutes per charge depending on the duty cycle selected.

Product Features

  • Get close to dark areas when you need to see, because it has the right LED light for the job.
  • Do you work in tight spaces and need a trusty gun? A new, lightweight cordless heat gun that is compact and ready to use anywhere!
  • And if it’s a tight spot in need of heating, our easy grip DCE530B cordless heat gun has what you need: a lockdown button that makes it quite simple to use.

Genesis GHG1500A Heat Gun

Get ready to heat things with the Genesis GHG1500A heat gun! With its 12.5 Amp powerful motor, this 1500/750-watt device can get any job done speedily and efficiently.

This versatile tool features both high-temperature settings. It can be used for soldering or stripping wires or low-temperature settings, perfect for finishing jobs like shrink wrapping materials without removing paint or coating.

It also has a tiltable head that allows you to direct the airflow at any angle in order to reach difficult places on your project. Although it is ideal for personal use, there are ways to amplify your experience depending on your work environment.

Product Features

  • The Genesis GHG1500A is the smallest and most potent variable-temperature heat gun on the market.
  • It will tackle out problems you had with your old tools. Thanks to Genesis, from being so easy to use to stand up on its own, heat gun just got a lot easier.
  • Featuring deflector nozzles to shield delicate surfaces during use, a 3 Position rocker switch for high temperature, an indicator light for power connection, automatic thermal cutout to protect against overheating, this little device packs quite the punch.


This heat gun is incredible and has so many uses! You can strip paint, loosen rusted nuts, thaw pipes, just to name a few. The 750°F setting is excellent for stripping paint as it melts the latex, allowing you to peel it away quickly. Plus, the 1,350 W motor heats up fast and has plenty of power.

Product Features

  • Black+Decker’s HG1300 heat gun is powerful and comes with three positions of side handle that allow for more motion-related strength to safely avoid accidents while working on projects at home or trying to get the perfect car paint job outside.
  • It’s a simple-to-use design that eliminates muscle fatigue from holding it up for extended periods! No more bending down and panicking about how long till you can walk around again.
  • It also provides stability when used as a stand while cooling. A must-have for any do-it-yourselfer who can’t stomach being burned by hot metal slag yet again!

DEWALT DCE530P1 Cordless Heat Gun

It’s time you brought home a DEWALT heat gun. With its portable size, reliable performance, and the ability to quickly apply force from tough-to-reach places, it will be your new favorite tool.

Take a class on basic thermodynamics with temperatures up to 990 degrees Fahrenheit. Forget boiling water–find out what really gets things hot!

Product Features

  • This powerful tool heats up to 990 degrees Fahrenheit/ 532 degrees Celsius, so it can shrink, warp, or smooth any surface.
  • Not only will this brighten dark areas when in use, but it also contains LED light for detailed work like soldering wire or removing solder beads.
  • You can go from lock-off trigger to engage manual operation by simply pressing the lock-on button; no need to pull yet another string which usually winds up breaking anyways!
  • Because the gun only needs a 15-minute charge to operate for as long as 42 minutes, you can accomplish any task in half the time.

Makita HG6530VK Heat Gun

The Makita HG6530VK Heat is a gun that will keep your pants on or hot glue in place with a fiery passion. With its wide variety of applications and precise temperature control, you can comfortably get the job done without having to break out the oven mitts.

Push-button controls on this heat gun give it impeccable efficiency, and an LCD screen displays the current temperature, so you know how to stay ahead of what’s happening.

Product Features

  • With both push-button temperature control and a stable, 2.0 lbs., rubberized pistol grip handle for easy handling, it’s hard to beat.
  • The Makita HG6525VR heat gun is sure to make anything easier with features like precise heating, push-button temp control at 50° increments, and more
  • The integrated rear stand adds extra stability while using the great product!

Milwaukee 2688-21 M18 Heat Gun

The Milwaukee 2688-21 M18 Heat Gun is perfect for DIY professionals. The high-performance heating coil reaches operating temperature in just 6 seconds, making it easy to peel off challenging paint or install flooring without waiting around.

And with comfort settings that keep hands cool and dry, the heat gun is also safe to use even over extended periods.

Product Features

  • With its temperature management system, you’ll find that the perfect point is out there, just waiting for your making baked goods sing!
  • The compact size makes it portable and ready to go anywhere.
  • Now with a guarded nozzle and ladder hook to prevent fires by not allowing tool contact with unprotected surfaces, this menacing machine is your go-to for any task that needs some severe heating.

ECG HG-001VT Heat Gun

Introducing ECG HG-001 VT heat gun Great for countless wonders, this top-of-the-line heat gun is not only affordable but also versatile in just about any situation.

Do you want to paint or drywall? Use it at low temperature to avoid damage! Need to solder copper pipes? This one has two-temperature settings ready with the click of a button.

No matter what project at hand, this is one indispensable tool that will make your life so much easier- and protect your furniture at the same time.

Product Features

  • It’s got a great 2-speed motor that can heat your project – or the guy you’re mad at – in a matter of minutes.
  • With an easy electronic variable control dial, engineers have outdone themselves with this bad boy.
  • Made right here in Taiwan by people who know how to build things, so you know it’ll last for years to come and give momma satisfaction every time she presses the button to turn on.

How to Choose the Best Heat Guns? – Buying Guide

The best heat guns should have all of the features required, including top quality, lightweight, and safety.

In this complete buying guide, you discovered how to pick the appropriate heat gun for your job needs without jeopardizing safety elements connected to working hazards.

Let’s take a look at what factors to consider while purchasing a heat gun.

Corded vs. Cordless

Heat guns are most often corded. To heat up to 1,000°F while expending hot air outwards requires a significant amount of energy.

As a result, cordless versions have to be equipped with big batteries or have restricted operating time and require frequent charging.

When purchasing a corded model, you’ll need to think about the length of the wire and whether or not you require mobility. Although paint scraping from wood is time-consuming, you won’t need an extended wire for that.

Temperature control

A heat gun with the capacity to adjust the temperature output is essential when working with varied materials, and a perfect model will let you do many things.

Typically, basic heat guns operate at a single temperature. The gun reaches its maximum temperature and maybe moves away or closer to the target items to alter the heat level.

Modern/advanced heat guns include two-three settings for controlling the heat from low, medium, and high heat, depending on your needs.

Variable temperature heat guns have a dial to control the desired temperature range, ranging from less (minimum) to more (maximum). Some contemporary heat guns come with electronic displays that let you select the required temperature and adjust it by 50°F increments.

To do your job effectively, choose a heat gun with a detailed fan and temperature controls for a precise heat setting.

Nozzle Options

Heat guns have a nozzle to direct the heat. The most common nozzles are spread, cone, and pencil shapes.

Spreading ones are the most versatile type because they let you do many operations with this gun. You can use them to remove paint or to melt stains on glass windows without scratching glass panels.

Cone-shaped ones are designed for more precise applications like reaching hard-to-get areas. Pencil nozzles are used with heat guns designed to concentrate the heat within a small area, for instance, when you need to melt or solder something.

Safety Features

Safety is a significant concern when using heat guns, so it’s essential to look for one with good safety features. The following are some of the most crucial ones.

Overheating protection

The heat gun might switch off automatically to prevent overheating, or it will simply shut down if the device gets too hot. Of course, these features are only functional when the tool has a thermal cutoff to save you from accidents.

A motor that doesn’t overheat is important for protecting electrical parts and other components inside the heat gun.

Cool-touch Housing

A heat gun with a metal exterior and plastic handle is safer than having a plastic body because the former stays cool to touch even after long-term use.

A cheap tool might have an exterior of unpredictable material, which can be hot or cold when in contact with skin after some time, putting you at risk of injury.

Tip guard

Since heat guns are designed to direct the heat forward, the tip is usually the hottest part of the device. A high-quality model will have a layer of insulation between the body and tip to shield your hands from getting burned during usage.

Anti-slip Handle

A non-slip handle with a temperature-resistant exterior and anti-scald design is another crucial feature for heat guns.

An ergonomic grip will make the tool more comfortable to hold and easier to use, while a touchless trigger lets you keep your finger away from the button during operation.


A heat gun is only as good as its accessories. A unit worth buying should come with attachments and other add-ons for maximum slicing and dicing convenience.

The most common accessories for a heat gun include hot plates, wire brushes, and scraper blades. Additionally, some models come with a carrying bag for ease of transportation.

The right attachments make the device versatile since they let you do more stuff with it. For instance, an interchangeable set of hot plates has screws that attach to the heat gun’s nozzle to turn it into a mini oven where you can bake small items like small cakes and candies.

A scraper blade is another proper attachment that effectively removes stains, dirt, and paints on surfaces. This tool should be an essential part of your kit based on your daily work type.

LCD Display

Since heat guns have a variable temperature range, choosing a product with an LCD for a precise setting is essential. It will ensure the desired output in terms of working temperatures and fan speeds to complete your work accurately.

Air Flow Speed

The airflow speed helps in working the heat gun across the desired object for even heating. The most basic heat guns offer a maximum of 1,100 feet per minute with no wind chill features. These are suitable for gentle work, but if you are doing heavy-duty jobs, it is crucial to have one with more power to reach the targeted area easily.

Overheating Protection

Some heat guns have built-in overheat protection, which automatically lets the device shut down after 60 seconds if it is left unattended. This helps to prevent any damage due to excess heating.

Types Of Heat Guns

  • Electric Heat Guns – This type of heat gun is the most common in the market. They are usually cordless and can be directly plugged into a power outlet for use. These devices run on 1,200 to 2,000 watts or higher power, depending on their wattage rating.
  • Infrared Heat Guns – These are the best electric heat guns that quickly emit infrared waves to dry the moisture in seconds. They are safe compared to other types of models, but these are expensive and require more maintenance.
  • Industrial Heat Guns – This type of heat gun has a strong airflow and a high capacity to dry hard surfaces. They are usually corded, but these have no sensor to detect overheating.
  • Gas Heat Guns – A gas heat gun runs on butane or propane that rapidly heats the device to produce high air velocity. They have a compact design, making them lightweight and easy to maneuver even during long hours of operation.

Variable Temperature Range

It’s important to have a variable temperature range for a heat gun so you can adjust the device as per your needs. For example, if you want to strip paint from a wooden surface, you will need a high temperature compared to other tasks where a lower setting is enough.

A basic model usually has 300F-1100F, while advanced models have higher ranges from 400F-1300F.

FAQs about Best Heat Guns

What are heat guns good for?

A heat gun is a multipurpose device that you can use for any light-duty task around the house. You can also use it in your car or office when there are signs of water leakage.

How hot does a heat gun get?

While most models offer a 300F to 2,000F temperature range, the output depends on the working settings.

Are these heat guns noisier?

Yes, a heat gun can be noisy depending on the power it uses. It’s a good idea to choose one that has low noise output for everyday tasks.

Is it possible to start a fire with a heat gun?

Like gas blow torches, heat guns may generate intense heat and are frequently utilized instead of a gas flame. The lack of a visible flame might lead to a false sense of security, as the power switches and fan motors aren’t always spark-free and can be dangerous.

What causes heat guns to smoke when in use?

The smoke emitted by a heat gun is due to the heating element burning off dust, dirt, and oil deposits collected on it. You can avoid this problem by cleaning the nozzle or replacing the filter regularly.

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A heat gun is a helpful device that comes in handy for various light-duty tasks around the house. It helps to remove paint, soften adhesives, and even heat shrink tubing. Heat guns are available in different types, brands, and styles, depending on your needs.

While you can buy an entry-level or cheap model for simple tasks at home, buying an advanced model with adjustable heat settings is recommended if you will be using the heat gun daily in your home or office.

By carefully studying the best heat gun reviews, you will be able to get a device that meets your requirements and specifications. It’s essential to understand the power output of these devices so you can choose one that suits your needs.

For example, if you want to replace old floorboards or apply glues, you should choose a robust model with a wide temperature range.

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