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best tool to cut drywall

You may have seen professional drywallers to work on a 10 ft long panels? Did you notice you precisely they get the job done?

But the interesting fact is, the job of dealing with such drywalls isn’t that easy at all. Even experienced workman often has hard times to deal with drywall.

But in 2019, there are many tools that will make the process quite easier, only if you chose the right tool in the right way. The best tool to cut drywall may be the key to making holes and cuts on drywall right away. And the purpose of this article is to help you select one.

After week-long research and analysis of experts and user reviews, we have come up with three of the best tools to cut the drywall. Go through the hands-on reviews and soon you’ll figure out the best one for you.

There are variations in cutting jobs when it comes to drywall, and so do the tools. We have included three of the best cutting tools for drywall. Check out the list and let’s get started on finding the best one-

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Makita B-49703 Drywall Cut-Out Saw Blade Review

Product Overview

The first pick of the list is a saw blade. In fact, it has a dual identity of a saw blade and a quality tool to deal with drywall. Makita B-49703 Drywall Cut-Out Saw Blade comes from a brand with ages of experience in professional-grade tool manufacturing.

Let’s see what made this saw blade standing on the top of the list-

For making precise cuts on drywalls, very few other tools can stand beside a quality saw blade. The reasons for mentioning the word ‘precise’ is, there are 5 different depth marking on the body that will allow you not to overdo the holes.

Most of the drywalls come to be hard and saw blades don’t become possible to do enough cut into the walls. But the good news is, it can cut a depth of 1-3/16 inches into up to drywalls of 16 inches. That seems to be more than enough for day to houses and buildings.

The cutting blade is made of sturdy, strong, and durable high carbon steel. HCS steels have a long reputation of lasting for years. The Makita B-49703 Drywall Cut-Out Saw Blade should last a very long time as well.

A piece of important information is, this blade will do the right functions, only if you connect it with the right saw. For this one here, you need to use the cordless cut out saw from the same brand.

Apart from its essence of using an additional saw, we found everything else about this blade top notch. Bring your demands in front and check whether this blade is able to fulfill all your demands.

Highlighted Features

  • The best tool to make precise cuts on the wall.
  • A built in-depth marking provided for precise cutting.
  • Works on drywalls of maximum 16 inches of depth.
  • Made of DCS(durable High Carbon Steel).
  • Longer life of action compared to other blades.
  • Needs Makita Cut Out Cordless Saw to work.
  • A great buy for the money.


Best Tool to Cut Drywall Festool 571935 Drywall Sander Review

Product Overview

At number 2, we have included nothing that cuts or creates holes in the drywall. But we have gone to something that helps in finishing drywall. The product name is Festool 571935 Drywall Sander and it’s purposeful as long as you need t deal with a drywall.

What drywall finishing means is, to make drywall be ready-to-use, you need to make sure that it’s properly sanded. And the tool that we are talking about, is right for that purpose. It has plenty of features that help one to sand the drywall in a precise way.

Firstly, you will love the way they have put an intuitive control over the functions. Also, an exceptional balance and a low value of weight made the task even easier. Drywall sanding made easier than ever- that’s what the users say about this product.

The technology that’s behind this tool is made of a brushless motor. It’s called a direct drive motor and the benefit of having so is, you will have better freedom of movement and long life. Also, the over pad designed motor will take you to a more flexible joint, which is another desired feature of users.

In case you’re working in a clean environment and don’t’ want to mess this area up, there is something amazing implemented on this device. They call it the integrated dust extraction design and this helps a lot to reduce job site cleanup.

The premium-grade Granat Sanding Abrasives will complement the existing Planex abrasive, in case your sander has one.

Lastly, the Festool 571935 Drywall Sander is a quite easy-to-use tool. All you have to do is to set up the device, plug it in and you are ready for a professional-grade drywall sanding.

Highlighted Features

  • A perfect tool for sanding on drywall.
  • Easy and simple to set up and operate.
  • A reduced fatigue rate combined with less weight.
  • powered by a direct drive brushless motor.
  • Flexible cable ensures less downtime with less weight.
  • Greater freedom of movement.
  • A great design to use at home or worksite.

Adjustable Drywall and Ceiling Tile Hole Cutter Review

Product Overview

We are at the bottom of the three picks and right here, we have a full form drywall and tile hole cutter. As there are many variations of drywall cutting tools, we have chosen something that can draw holes in drywall.

To be precise about the cutting tool, it can draw circles to a diameter of 11.8 inches, which is more than sufficient for even an industrial basis. To deal with the drywall and ceilings, this machine is equipped with a Carbide tipped blades. Such materials in the blade surely increase the longevity of the tool.

Till now, you may have tough that there is only one blade provided for cutting and creating holes in drywall. But the fact is, there are actually two of them. And there are multiple benefits of having two blades in a cutter.

Because of the dual blades, the dynamic balance of the cutter will be more for the user. Also, the dual blades will ensure a low vibration. So, you can work on households without disturbing our neighbors.

The wide range of holes that this drywall driller can create is amazing. You can use multiple holes for different purposes and all of them will be accurate. To be specific, you can create holes starting from a diameter of 1.2 inches to a diameter of 11.8 inches.

As you are dealing with drywalls or tiles, there will be a lot of dust and debris while working. And no one expects these cutters to spit dust throughout the surroundings. To come over with the situation, Adjustable Drywall and Ceiling Tile Hole Cutter have provided a shroud around it. So, you won’t have to obscure the working area anymore. Here is the best table saw.

If you are done with the set of blades that the model provided at first, it may get dull after a few months of use. But don’t worry, because there is an extra set of blades provided with this tool for cutting drywall with oscillating tool.

Highlighted Features

  • Best tool to cut drywall to place speakers.
  • A cutting range of 1.2 inches to 11.8 inches.
  • Blades are tipped and made of carbide metal.
  • Longer lasting hole cutting machine.
  • Dual blades for more accuracy.
  • Low vibrations mean no disturbing neighbors.
  • Good dust management system with the dust shroud.
  • Comes with an extra set of blades.

Bottom Line

Dealing with a drywall and drywall cutting toolsis a hard nut to crack, even for professions. Without an experience of years, you can’t really master on this. And as the cutting demand varies a lot, so do the tools. Popular drywall cutting tools are called as- Cutting Knife for Drywalls, Jab saw, Oscillating Multi-tools, Circular saws, rotary cutting tools and many more. Based on the purpose and type of cutting job, the number and type of drywall cutting tool vary.

However, we have included three of the best tool to cut drywall, and three of them are different in functions, prices, and types. As you may need variations in cutting, you can pick as per your demands. Just one last advice is that you master your skills of cutting drywall. Till you’re all by yourself, take help from a professional.

Best of luck with the purchase.

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