7 Best Torpedo Heaters

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The best torpedo heaters come with various attractive features like being portable, cool to the touch without burns, and easy to carry. It should also incorporate safety features that include an auto shut-off mechanism and a tip-over safety switch. These help to ensure the unit will safeguard against unforeseen fires and operate safely all through.

Torpedo heaters are one of the excellent ways to heat your surroundings efficiently and faultlessly. They are typically designed for both outdoor and indoor use. Running a torpedo heater is easy and straightforward. They are known to be safer when compared to gas heating sources.

They are portable units, and almost anyone can move them around with ease. When operating a torpedo heater, there will be no instances of disturbing gas lines or power outlets. Several brands provide various types of units that have been designed for different areas and surfaces.

The wattage delivered by such a heater must be efficient besides adhering to quality and safety standards that make it ideal for use. Below is a comprehensive review covering the best torpedo heaters on the market together with a reliable buying guide.

Best Overall Dyna-Glo KFA80DGD Forced-Air Heater

  •       Heat output 60,000 BTU
  •       Safety auto shut-off
  •       Really durable
  •       One year warranty

Premium Choice-170K- 220K BTU Master Air Heater

  •       Heat output 170K/220K BTU
  •       Dual fusion heater
  •       Safety features
  •       CSA certified

Great Value-Mr. Heater F270370 Kerosene Heater

  •   Great choice when outdoors
  •   Very portable heater
  •   Built-in thermostat
  • Astonishing 175K BTU heat output

Dyna-Glo KFA80DGD Forced-Air Heater

The Dyna-Glo Forced-air Heater is one of the best multi-fuel torpedo heaters in the market, and exclusively the best overall in our top 7 torpedo heaters line-up.  It comes with excellent features, including a comfort control thermostat and a first-rate fuel gage.

Why we like it

This model features a power output of about 80,000 BTU. That means it can significantly heat an area of 1900 square ft. It embraces all possibilities to save on fuel while allowing you to make some adjustments for best use.


  •   Comfort control thermostat
  •   State of the art fuel gage
  •   Unit weight 13.77 pounds
  •   80,000 BTU power output
  •   Durable construction with an unbreakable nozzle.


  •   Stylish fuel gauge
  •   Durable unit
  •   Features a large design
  •   Multi-fuel torpedo heater
  •   It can cater for up to 1900 ft.
  •   One year warranty


  •   Expensive

Our Verdict

Besides the fact that it can be controlled using a thermostat, the stylish fuel gauge will certainly save some fuel since you can make modifications for the most precise use. The Dyna-Glo KFA80DGD Forced-Air Heater is also designed to beat the test of time for a greater course.

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170K- 220K BTU Master Air Heater

If you are looking for a decent diesel torpedo heater that can deliver high performance with minimal to zero noise, then the Master 220T is an excellent option for you. It is quieter than most and was developed utilizing the newest technology. It’s a double fusion heater that operates without making noise.

Why we like it

This model is CSA approved and can run on kerosene. With its modern design, the unit is designed for secure and faultless operation, as supported by the embedded safety features. It is such an excellent unit that throws a tremendous amount of heat with its 170K/220K BTU heat output.


  •   Dual fusion heater
  •   CSA certified
  •   50% quieter than other models
  •   170K/220K heat production
  •   A sheer number of safety features


  •   The model is nice and toasty
  •   Little maintenance
  •   Running it is easy and straightforward
  •   It can run on multiple fuel types
  •   A dual heating factor
  •   Features a broad face radiating design to heat large areas fast


  •   The unit can get really hot for smaller rooms
  •   Not compatible with thermostat plug

Our Verdict

The 170K- 220K BTU Master Air Heater is an ideal model that offers an incredible amount of heat output. Most users have commented that the model is among the best torpedo heaters for their heating needs.

Master MH-220T-DFV Dual Fusion Forced Air Heater with Thermostat, 170K - 220K BTU Check Price

Mr. Heater F270370 MH175K Kerosene Heater

In case you want a farm heating solution, or you’re up to a construction site where you need to keep cold at bay, the Mr. Heater F270370 Kerosene Heater is your strongest option. However, even if it’s among the most select torpedo heaters, it’s not meant for indoor purposes.

Why we like it

This unit produces an astonishing power output, 175,000 BTU heat. The fan facilitates the distribution of warm air over 4,250 sq. Ft. You can still use this unit in enclosed settings, provided you have a large surface with an excellent ventilation system.


  •   Potent heating function
  •   175,000 BTU power output
  •   Uses a built-in thermostat.
  •   Keeps temperature at a constant level.
  •   It requires a 13.9-gallon reservoir, which should last for at least ten hours of service.


  •   Easy to operate
  •   Very portable
  •   Lightweight
  •   Reasonably priced
  •   Covers a wide area


  •   It requires electricity, therefore need a 115V alternative current.
  •   It cannot be utilized indoors as it is very potent and can dry all air just to provide heat.

Our Verdict

Mr. Heater is among the most popular brands, and this version might seem a bit expensive for many. Nonetheless, it’s incredibly lightweight with about 13-pounds. We would certainly recommend having this unit for any outdoor activities as far as heating is concerned.


Pro-Temp 45,000 BTU Forced Air Torpedo Heater

The torpedo heater is capable of heating up to 1125 square Ft. which is a bit less than other models, as mentioned above. The Pro-Temp 45,000 BTU Forced heater is ideal for outdoor spaces with adequate ventilation and provides lots of flexibility.

Why we like it

If you want to heat a chilly construction area, the heater will serve great without any problem. The fuel tank can hold up to five gallons, which can serve for at least 14 hours, slightly below the Mr. Heater 125K unit.


  •   45,000 BTU heat output
  •   Five gallons fuel tank
  •   Carrying handle
  •   Automatic turn off.
  •   Cold start system for excellent performance
  •   Runs on kerosene but can use other fuels


  •   Easy transport
  •   Easy operation
  •   Flip switch to turn the unit on


  •   Does not heat extensive space

Our Verdict

When you have this heater, rest assured there’ll be no instances of any steep learning curve when it comes to operation. There’s a flip switch turn it on. Besides, you can use it with multiple fuels, although you get the best performance when you run it on K-1 kerosene.

Pro-Temp 45,000 BTU Kerosene/Diesel Forced Air Torpedo Heater Check Price

Dewalt DXH215HD Forced Air Kerosene

The Dewalt DXH215HD Forced Air heater is a top-rated torpedo heater, made of a solid spilled barrel, making it easy to clean and maintain. It has an ergonomic handle so that you can relocate it with ease.

Why we like it

This unit incorporates a thermostat control as well as recessed controls, precisely designed to keep both knobs and valves from getting broken in case the unit tips over or any other kind of accident in the workplace.


  •   Thermostat control system
  •   Recessed controls
  •   Large size wheels
  •   Unremitting and electronic ignition
  •   Durable spilled barrel


  •   Starts immediately
  •   Comes with wheels to enhance transportation
  •   Easy cleaning and maintenance


  •   The model is not that durable
  •   Relatively expensive

Our Verdict

The Dewalt DXH215HD is a solid and reliable torpedo heater that can keep you and your team warm when outdoors in the cold months. However, this model is intended for outdoor purposes and not recommended to use inside the house.


Dyna-Glo 60,000 BTU Propane Forced Air Heater

The Dyna-Glo Propane heater comes with a 60,000 BTU power output, and you can always adjust to match your requirements. It comes from a competitive brand known for excellent torpedo heaters in the market.

Why we like it

The unit can also heat a certain area to 1,500 BTU, which makes it suitable for patio rooms and outdoors. However, for indoor, this model can heat the room considerably faster, and so you might require a connector as it can be a bit intense for some users.


  •   60,000 BTU power output
  •   Lightweight weighing only 11 pounds
  •   Designed to last longer
  •   Versatility


  •   Versatile unit
  •   Lightweight and easy to carry
  •   Fully adjustable design
  •   One year warranty
  •   Covers up to 1500 square ft.
  •   Durable with great performance


  •   Applying the connector can be quite annoying
  •   Relatively expensive

Our Verdict

Besides being lightweight, you’ll be impressed with the versatility offered by this unit. It is a tad more expensive, but it features a heavy-duty structure, so the price is not an issue. Plus it with a one year warranty.


Mr. Heater Hero 3500BTU Cordless Propane Torpedo Heater

The Mr. Heater Hero 35,000 BTU is one of the most convenient and easy to use options. It comes with a cordless design and operates on a propane tank, and generates 35,000 BTU power output, which is pretty much to warm more than 1,000 square ft.

Why we like it

The unit features numerous adjustments to set the temperature to the most optimal level.  It also has a portable handle, and it’s neither bulky nor heavyweight. However, it is meant for outdoor use and not recommended for indoor use.


  •   35,000 heat output
  •   Weighs 17.05 pounds
  •   Numerous adjustments
  •   Portable carry handle
  •   Rechargeable battery
  •   Safety auto turn off


  •   Reasonably priced
  •   Easy setup
  •   Competitive warranty
  •   Multiple safety features
  •   No electricity required


  •   The battery serves for eight hours, after which you’ll have to recharge.

Our Verdict

While the price might hold you back when you heed of having the best torpedo heater, the Mr. Heater Hero 35,000 BTU is not that pricey. It is accompanied by a competitive warranty in case of dissatisfying matters. That said, it’s a one-stop option for an avid camper who’s always on the move and longing to save some bulks.


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Buying Guide- What to look for in the best torpedo heater

Power source

It is important to consider the power source for the torpedo heater before making any purchase. Generally, the source of power can either be electric or gas-powered. Electric heaters are typically cheaper and are known to provide a sheer amount of great features, particularly when you have electric power at your disposal. Conversely, this is not the case for outdoors.

Gas-powered models are among the best torpedo heaters on the market. They are usually designed for outdoor purposes and operate on kerosene or propane. Regardless of whether your unit uses kerosene or propane, you will have a convenient power source, and this will make things a bit easier. Alternatively, you can consider a battery-powered model, although they are not that efficient.

Power output

Depending on what heat amount you need, power output is an essential feature to prioritize when looking for the best torpedo heater. If you want the heater outdoors, it’s better to consider something that can provide at least 30,000 BTU. This can significantly heat more spacious areas, with a minimum of 1000 sq. Ft.

Such a unit can offer sustainable heat for the entire camping space, although the heat output can be too much for a particular patio area. Also, it is good to note that the more potent the unit is, the pricier it is likely to be.

Size and Weight

Generally, torpedo heaters are designed for the outdoors. That means the size and weight should be decent to ease transport and set up. A compact and lightweight heater that can fit in a confined space, it’ll possibly save you some slack when camping.

If the heater is too bulky, then it is probably not the most convenient to move from place to place. You can ideally consider the one that incorporates a carry handle too.

Safety features

Safety features are always crucial. You’ll need to make sure that the heater incorporates several safety features and that it can operate safe and sound throughout.

One of these features includes an auto shut-off mechanism. That means the unit will turn-off virtually whenever it tips over, thereby making life much easier. If you are contemplating having the heater indoors, then you’ll have to install a sensor to help you realize when you are short of oxygen. The best torpedo heaters often turn off automatically when oxygen drops to certain levels.


Today, torpedo heaters are produced with lots of ease and convenient features. However, certain brands lack the same safety features and quality standards for users. Some of them would even replicate the top brands and vend them at a very affordable price.

That said, the price of such cheaper options should never mislead you. You can confidently select one from our best torpedo heaters line-up. They are relatively expensive, but they are the best the market has to offer.


Lastly, you need to consider the terms of the warranty before you make any transaction. Torpedo heaters come with several tech features, and there are possibilities that some could be prone to manufacturer faults. While you might have to pay a little more to get the warranty, it is necessary to know that a standard warranty for these heaters is one year.


Below are the frequently asked questions about the best torpedo heaters.

What are the applications of torpedo heaters?

The best torpedo heaters do great in heating your surroundings in an eco-friendly manner. Nonetheless, the only basic necessity is adequate ventilation. Other areas where torpedo heaters can be used include construction sites, commercial events, and workshops.

Why are torpedo heaters popular?

Torpedo heaters are known for attractive features like touch and portability, which makes them popular in both the commercial and industrial sectors. Compact and lightweight heaters run on fuels such as kerosene and propane, making them more suitable for warehouses and construction sites.

They are also popular due to their effectiveness when it comes to providing sustainable heat. One of the vast benefits associated with using torpedo heaters stems from their long-lasting features.

The best torpedo heaters are built strongly, ensuring that the heater will serve appropriately short of glitches, and last for the foreseeable future with little upkeep.

Which torpedo heater is the best in the market?

While kerosene is one of the most popular fuels utilized in running torpedo heaters, propane is the best fuel suitable for any torpedo heater. The reason why most users often prefer it rather than kerosene is that it’s not associated with any unpleasant smell.

The gas is clean and burns without leaving any smell, only a few emissions, and they are not disturbing at all. Most users recommend purchasing the 80K BTU Dyna-Glo Forced Air as they regard it as the finest propane torpedo heater. The model works well both indoors and outdoors.


You can expect to land on the best torpedo heater on the market after reading through our top seven reviews, as well as the buying guide. This is how you decide on the most precise model that can grant you multi-fuel flexibility.

It is important to understand that kerosene and diesel usually burn dirty with some bothersome smell. At the same time, propane is known as the cleanest and the best fuel for any torpedo heater.

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