Remington Torpedo Heater: Review & Specifications

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It always seems refreshing to get work done outdoors than working all day indoors. However, working outdoors becomes inconvenient during the chilly months of winter. It causes a huge health problem and meeting the project deadlines. And in such an instance, the best solution to ease working out in the cold is using a torpedo heater.

Remington REM-80T-KFA-O Kerosene Heater

4.6 Overall Editor Rating

Remington REM-80T-KFA-O Kerosene Heater

  • 140,000 BTU heat output
  • 5-point safety system
  • Easy-lift handles
  • Safety label indicator.
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However, if you are looking to bring a portable torpedo heater to your workspace, make sure to go for the best one for your job. And a brand to consider is Remington. So now the question is –

Why Choose Remington Power?

Remington Power constitutes a standard for industrial heaters, keeping your work area, equipment, and workers warm and dry during winters. In addition, it is one of the most reliable brands that produce heaters at a budget-friendly price range.

The four things characterize Remington heaters –

  • Worksafe approved heaters
  • NZ fuel optimized
  • Built for NZ conditions
  • Superior backup & support.

This manufacturer designs its heaters to act as the perfect solution for instant and reliable heat to meet every heating need. Remington torpedo heaters are –

  • Ultra-portable
  • It comes with an in-built thermostat
  • Offers 21kw to 63kw heating covering a massive range
  • Multi-fuel functionality – Runs on both diesel and kerosene fuels.

Best Remington Torpedo Heaters

Choosing the best torpedo heater is utterly important. You would want to conclude with the most appropriate device suitable for all heating needs. Some of the essential factors to consider in a torpedo heater include the device’s power, features, and fuel type.

Below we have jotted down the details about three of the best Remington torpedo heaters, including the pros and cons that will help you differentiate between them and make the right choice.

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Remington REM-80T-KFA-O Kerosene HeaterRemington REM-80T-KFA-O Kerosene Heater• Easy to use
• Easy to assemble
• Heater heats 2, 000 square feet
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Remington REM-60V-GFA-O Variable BTURemington REM-60V-GFA-O Variable BTU• Reliable
• High-Ouput
• Adjustable heat angle
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Remington 4892543 4300 sq. ft. 175000 BTU Forced Air HeaterRemington 4892543 4300 sq. ft. 175000 BTU Forced Air Heater• 175000 BTU/hpur
• 120V
• 122.4 watt
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1. Remington REM-80T-KFA-O Kerosene Heater

Remington REM-80T-KFA-O Kerosene Heater

4.6 Overall Editor Rating

Remington REM-80T-KFA-O Kerosene Heater

  • 140,000 BTU heat output
  • 5-point safety system
  • Easy-lift handles
  • Safety label indicator.
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This professional, high-output kerosene 80,000 BTU heater from Remington is first on our list. This heater features a heavy-duty fan motor, great controls, and a safety system, making it perfect for use in big construction spaces, warehouses, loading docks, open barns, and more. This 140,000 BTU heater operates flawlessly under extremely low temperatures. And impressively, it can heat spaces to 2,000 square feet for ten hours consistently on a full tank.

Remington REM-80T-KFA-O Kerosene Heater Customer Review

A significant advantage of this Remington kerosene heater is packed with portable features like easy-lift handles. This makes the device easy to move or carry out anywhere around a workspace without bestowing much effort.

Another appealing feature is its ease of use. You just need to fill the fuel tank, plug it into a reliable power source and relish the warmth. Moreover, you can run this torpedo heater using various fuel types, including K-1 kerosene, JP8/Jet A fuel, #1 and 2 fuel oil, and #1 and 2 diesel fuel.

This Remington heater outdoes many other models out in the market when it comes to safety. It is equipped with a 5-point safety system, including flame-out protection, high-temperature shutdown, and circuit breaker. You will even benefit from a heat sensor safety label indicator and durable safety guards. On the top, the heater comes with a built-in thermostat, fuel gauge, and air-pressure gauge. Finally, the best part is that the manufacturer offers a one-year limited warranty to allow you to use this heater with peace of mind.

Remington REM-80T-KFA-O Kerosene Heater Review

Pros & Cons of the Remington REM-80T-KFA-O Kerosene Heater


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Portable
  • It comes with an easy-lift handle
  • It is made of robust steel
  • The heavy-duty fan motor operates smoothly
  • The heater can warm up 2,000 square feet for ten hours consistently
  • It’s easy to use
  • Multiple fuel options
  • No odor and warms very well
  • It features an adjustable thermostat
  • The durable wheels make it easier to move
  • It draws 1.5 Amp of electrical current
  • It comes with a one-year limited warranty.


  • The fuel filler cap is located in a bad place
  • The cap doesn’t seal.
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2. Remington REM-60V-GFA-O Variable BTU

Remington REM-60V-GFA-O Variable BTU

4.4 Overall Editor Rating

Remington REM-60V-GFA-O Variable BTU

  • 60,000 BTU 
  • 300 CFM airflow capacity
  • Variable heat settings.
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Another portable forced heater worth buying is this REM-60V-GFA-O from Remington. This indoor propane heater can deliver heat up to 60,000 BTU, making it suited for warming up 1,500 square feet. However, you can easily maintain the required temperature thanks to the gas valve knob and variable heat settings.

Remington REM-60V-GFA-O Variable BTU Customer Review

The electric ignition makes it easy to start this heater without any problem. Moreover, you will benefit from its adjustable height, allowing you to warm hard-to-reach places properly. Its rugged steel construction signifies that it will accompany you for long years. In addition, this heater is lightweight, weighing up to 13.97 pounds. This means that it won’t strain your hands when lifting or carrying it from one place to another.

Furthermore, this torpedo heater has the capacity to keep your space warm in freezing temperatures for consistently up to 10.5 hours in a full tank. Other advantages include the innovative safety features, including overheating sensors. On top, you get a 300 CFM of airflow capacity. This Remington propane heater comes packed with a regulator and 10-foot hose. And as expected from this manufacturer, the device is backed by a 1-year limited warranty.

Remington REM-60V-GFA-O Variable BTU Review

Pros & Cons of the Remington REM-60V-GFA-O Variable BTU


  • It can run up to 10.5 hours
  • The head angle and height are adjustable
  • Lightweight and portable
  • It comes with a 10-foot hose
  • Class-exclusive electronic ignition
  • The heater can heat up to 1500 sq./ft
  • Its steel construction makes it more durable
  • Excellent heat distribution
  • Perfect for workshops, garages, construction sites, or farms
  • Top-over safety features make it reliable to use
  • A one-year warranty backs it.


  • It doesn’t come with covers for storage.
  • The gas shuts off to the burner once you release the dial
  • It’s a bit noisy.
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3. Remington 4892543 4300 sq. ft. 175000 BTU Forced Air Heater

Remington 4892543 4300 sq. ft. 175000 BTU Forced Air Heater

4.6 Overall Editor Rating

Remington 4892543 4300 sq. ft. 175000 BTU Forced Air Heater

  • 175,000 BTU covering 4300 sq./ft.
  • Sure-fit Ignition system
  • LED digital readout
  • Built-in fuel gauge.
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Remington has designed this heater to increase the convenience of users. It requires low maintenance. And impressively, this heater has also been examined for cold-start conditions, thanks to its sure-fit Ignition system. Moreover, its multi-fuel capability makes it a great addition to your space. The device will operate smoothly with K-1 kerosene, #1 and 2 fuel oil, #1 and 2 diesel fuel, and JP8/Jet-A fuel.

Remington 4892543 4300 sq. ft. 175000 BTU Forced Air Heater Review

With this 175,000 BTU heater, you can warm up to 4300 square feet. However, its easy-lift handles increase the convenience of this kerosene forced air heater. Also, its sturdy wheels contribute a lot to the enhanced convenience. This means that you can use the heater comfortably and move it effortlessly to other places. Furthermore, Remington has packed this heater with a built-in fuel gauge, air pressure gauge, and a LED digital readout, ensuring added safety.

Remington 4892543 4300 sq. ft. 175000 BTU Forced Air Heater Customer Review

Pros & Cons of the Remington 4892543 4300 sq. ft. 175000 BTU Forced Air Heater


  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy to use and move
  • The handles and wheels increase its convenience
  • Automatic Delay shutoff
  • Built-in thermostat
  • It offers 175000 BTU heat output
  • It can cover a substantial area
  • Heat sensor safety label indicator
  • 5-point safety system
  • No odor.


  • Nothing specific.
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Some FAQs on Remington Kerosene Torpedo Heaters

This list of frequently asked questions will answer any queries and doubts about Remington kerosene forced air heaters.

How long is the Remington heater’s warranty?

Remington offers a one-year limited warranty on all their kerosene heaters. 

Where to find the model number of your heater?

You can find the model number on the left side of the Power Switch on the right-handed cover or your heater’s Upper Shell beneath the brand name. In addition, you can even find the model number on the outside of the product’s UPC carton. 

Where to find the serial number?

You can find the serial number on the right-side cover. 

Are the heaters compatible with other fuels besides kerosene?

Remington kerosene forced air heaters are multi-fuel capable. This means it will run on various fuels like JP8/JetA, #1 and #2 diesel oil, #1 and #2 fuel oil, and K-1 kerosene.

However, keep in mind that diesel fuel contains additives. Thus, you will need added ventilation to diffuse the additional contaminants produced if you use it. You will also need to add maintenance. 

How much ventilation is needed to operate the heater safely?

It is recommended to have a fresh air opening in a warmed space of a minimum of 2,800 sq/cm (3 sq./ft.) for every 10k BTU/Hr of heating output.
For example, if you have Remington 140T-KFA-O in your workspace, you should have –

• Two 32 inches broad windows open for 15 inches, or
• A single-car garage door to be opened for 9 inches, or
• A two-car garage door to be opened for 6 inches.

Is it possible to use an extension cord with the heaters? 

You can employ an extension cord with Remington heaters with complete peace of mind. However, it’s essential to use an extension cord of the right size. For example –

• Use 18 AWG conductor wire for 1.8m to 3m (6 to 10ft) 
• Use 14 AWG conductor wire for 30.8m to 61m (101 to 200ft)
• Use 16 AWG conductor wire for 3.4m to 30.4m (11 to 100ft).

What should be the pump pressure of your heater?

Here’s the list of every model with stated pump pressure –

• 9.0 PSI: 215-KFA
• 7.5 PSI: 175-KFA
• 6.6 PSI: 140-KFA
• 3.8 PSI: 80-KFA
• 3.0 PSI: 45-KFA.

What to do if your heater sparks but does not start?

The heater needs to be unplugged first. Then, you have to open the lid. If the cover of the end pump is too light, the fan might not spin. Avoid using a power driver to secure the six screws that hold in the rotor.

• Keep the screws loosen and check the blades and rotor
• There should be no marks on the blades 
• It should be a bit within the rotor
• The gap between the pump body and rotor’s top must be substantial so that a dollar boll glides in the gap.
• Now hand-tighten the six screws and reset the end pump cover. The fan of your heater should freely spin now.

How can you adjust the rotor gap?

• Loose the two screws (below and above the rotor) 
• You can now adjust the rotor’s position in the pump body
• Now place the dollar bill that is folded in half in the middle of the pump body and rotor
• Finally, the two screws must be tightened, allowing the dollar bill to glide between the pump body and the rotor’s top.

Why is your heater not running even if it has power?

Here are the possible causes –

• One primary cause can be insufficient voltage. It can be at the end of the extension cord or the electrical outlet. Check the user’s manual to know the correct cord sizing. 
• Check the fuse on the PCB. If there’s any defect, change it.
• There can be some fault in the capacitor or motor. You need to replace it.
• Replace the damaged or broken blades or rotor.
• The Thermal Limit Switch can be faulty.
• Examine and tighten every electrical connection between the motor and PCB.
• Replace the damaged blade and remove any obstruction. 

Troubleshooting Remington Kerosene Heaters

Remington offers kerosene heaters in cabinet style and forced air models. They pull out kerosene from the fuel tank and transport it to the nozzle in the burner head. Later it’s transmitted as a fine mist into the combustion chamber for mixing with air.

Interestingly, you can easily address all Remington heaters’ issues before heading to the dealer. Here are things you will require –

  • In case your device heats up but shuts down fast, simply drench the fuel filter in 1-K kerosene. You can even replace or clean the photocell and nozzle. Take a cotton swab and dip it in water or alcohol. Then, apply it to the photocells’ lens, cleaning the nozzle using compressed air.
  • Use fresh kerosene in the heater to clean the nozzle and fuel filter if your heater doesn’t start. Or, you can replace them. Then, use a wire brush to clean the terminal after removing the spark plug.
  • Is your heater producing a grinding noise? If yes, then add fuel to its tank. When a heater grinds, it indicates that air has entered the pump. And if you add fuel, it will solve your problem.