Craftsman Torpedo Heater (Review & Specifications)

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Torpedo heaters, also known as forced air heaters, provide an economical and feasible way to stay warm at freezing temperatures in a single room – no need to heat the whole apartment or house. Thus, it is one of the best heating options out there in there in the market today.

What’s the best thing about a torpedo heater? You can direct the heat in any required direction. Nevertheless, it will render you a blow that goes further than a standard heater.

Moreover, you won’t have to fret about getting burned as these heaters are cool to touch. And they may also perform a bit faster than standard heaters.

Torpedo heaters perform great at factories, too, inspiring the workforce during chilling winter. So, admittedly, it could potentially boost overall productivity. However, not all torpedo heaters are made of the same quality.

Craftsman CMXEHAO80FAK Forced Air Kerosene Heater

4.6 Overall Editor Rating

Craftsman CMXEHAO80FAK Forced Air Kerosene Heater

  • Runs on kerosene, diesel, and JP-8; no conversion required
  • Photo cad cell flame sensor
  • High temperature safety shut-off switch
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While some are great for keeping your room toasty, others might be efficient in warming up a large space. Moreover, some heaters may make you feel like a hand dryer in a public bathroom.

We took time to research, test, and use many torpedo heaters currently on the market today. And, Based on features, performance, owner reviews, and price, we feel that the best tool brand to consider for a torpedo heater is Craftsman.

Top 3 Best Selling Craftsman Torpedo Heaters

Here are three of the best-selling Craftsman torpedo heaters on

Craftsman CMXEHAO80FAK Forced Air Kerosene HeaterCraftsman CMXEHAO80FAK Forced Air Kerosene Heater• Photo cad cell flame sensor
• Heats up to 2,000 sq ft
• Glove friendly controls
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Craftsman CMXEHAO60FAV Propane HeaterCraftsman CMXEHAO60FAV Propane Heater• Variable heat settings
• Adjustable output angle
• Overheat detection system
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Craftsman CMXEHAP80TKFA Kerosene/Diesel Forced Air HeaterCraftsman CMXEHAP80TKFA Kerosene/Diesel Forced Air Heater• Heats up to 2,000 sq ft
• Heater has power on/off switch
• Heater has an air pressure gauge
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1. Craftsman CMXEHAO80FAK Forced Air Kerosene Heater

Craftsman CMXEHAO80FAK Forced Air Kerosene Heater

4.6 Overall Editor Rating

Craftsman CMXEHAO80FAK Forced Air Kerosene Heater

  • Runs on kerosene, diesel, and JP-8; no conversion required
  • Photo cad cell flame sensor
  • High temperature safety shut-off switch
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However, one of the top features includes a high-temperature safety shut-off switch. In addition, it comes paired with a photo cad cell-fame sensor that shuts down the device in any unsafe conditions. Such a nice thing! We could work in our workshop with peace of mind with these additional safety features, focusing on the task at hand.

Do you notice the carry handle on the top? It will help you to carry this torpedo heater around easily. Furthermore, you will benefit from the split upper shell of the heater. So you don’t have to break out in cold sweat in chilly winter months and so on to maintain this device.

Unboxing of Craftsman CMXEHAO80FAK Forced Air Kerosene Heater Red

Apart from that, this Craftsman forced-air heater provides you with glove-friendly controls and factory-installed thermostatic control. And its solid shell construction promises faithful service and longer life.

We used this heater with kerosene for the first time and diesel the second time. However, it fired right both times without any adjustments and hassles. So this heater indeed doesn’t have too many downsides.

We have only one complaint: the heater is pretty loud. Nevertheless, it offers much value for money as it fires up every time.

Craftsman CMXEHAO80FAK Forced Air Kerosene Heater Review


  • Heat output – 80,000 BTU
  • Sq/f Heat up – 2,000
  • Weight – 34.3 pounds
  • Dimension – 29 x 16 x 17 inches
  • Safety shut off – Yes
  • Power Source – Kerosene.

Pros & Cons of Craftsman CMXEHAO80FAK Forced Air Kerosene Heater


  • Reasonably priced
  • It fires up easily every time with kerosene and diesel
  • Heat up to 2,000 square feet
  • Shuts down automatically in unsafe conditions
  • Features a high-temperature safety shut-off switch
  • Durable steel construction
  • Control the device by wearing gloves
  • The motor is completely enclosed
  • Painless maintenance
  • Easy to set up.


  • Little bit heavyweight
  • It does emit loud sounds.
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2. Craftsman CMXEHAO60FAV Propane Heater

Craftsman CMXEHAO60FAV Propane Heater

“3.8 Overall Editor Rating

Craftsman CMXEHAO60FAV Propane Heater

  • Includes factory-matched 10-ft hose and regulator
  • Variable heat settings and adjustable output angle for greater control
  • Overheat detection system
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Here’s another highly rated torpedo heater from Craftsman, the Propane Heater CMXEHAO60FAV. With a power output of 60,000 BTU and propane as the power source, this unit can heat most rooms effortlessly. Moreover, it will cover an impressive area of nearly 1,500 square feet while used at full capacity.

Interestingly, you get an adjustable heat angle in this heater to control the device more efficiently. You can adjust the heating between 30,000 and 60,000 BTU. Thus, those who want to warm up different areas just go for this heater.

In addition, you get a continuous electronic ignition as an added safety feature. It ensures reliable and quick starting and that the device ignites safely without any issues.

Craftsman CMXEHAO60FAV Propane Heater Review

What’s more? Other safety features include an overheat detection system and a thermo-electric safety valve. So stay focused on your work at hand, as the heater will automatically shut off the gas flow if the flame goes out. Thanks to the robust carry handle, you can always keep your hands out of harm’s way. Also, you can carry it along for long distances efficiently.

Furthermore, it comes packed with a factory-matched 10feet hose and a regulator. The 20pounds propane tank renders an approximate 14-hour run time that ensures comfortable warmth day and night.

Last winter, we purchased this heater as it is too cold in our garage. And it’s warm enough out there to clean our groceries. And then drinking beer in the garage in the freezing temperature!!! The 1-year limited warranty will offer you peace of mind to test out all the features of this Craftsman heater.

Finally, one of the best features that make this heater a popular choice today is its lightweight. It weighs only 14.2 pounds.


  • Heat output – Adjustable between 30,000 and 60,000 BTU
  • Sq/f Heat up – 1,500
  • Weight – 14.2 pounds
  • Dimension – 18.5 x 7.25 x 14.5 inches
  • Safety shut off – Yes
  • Power Source – Propane.
Testing of a Craftsman CMXEHAO60FAV Propane Heater

Pros & Cons of Craftsman CMXEHAO60FAV Propane Heater


  • Lightweight
  • Variable heat settings
  • Offers greater control with adjustable output angle
  • A 10ft hose and regulator accompany the device
  • Offers 14-hour run time
  • Heats up to 1,500 square feet
  • Continuous electronic ignition ensures reliable and quick starting
  • Shuts off the gas flow with a thermos-electric safety valve
  • It has one year warranty.


  • The blower is very loud
  • There is not a tip switch.
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3. Craftsman CMXEHAP80TKFA Kerosene/Diesel Forced Air Heater

Craftsman CMXEHAP80TKFA Kerosene Diesel Forced Air Heater

“4.0 Overall Editor Rating

Craftsman CMXEHAP80TKFA Kerosene/Diesel Forced Air Heater

  • Sealed electric motor
  • Thermostat-controlled heating for up to 2000 sq. ft.
  • Rugged steel construction for durability
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Once again, we have another Craftsman heater. Featuring a power output of 80,000 BTU, this Craftsman CMXEHAP80TKFA is one of the best torpedo heaters on the market. This robust heater can warm areas up to 2000 square feet. And it will heat up for nearly nine hours on a full tank. This capacity to cover a massive area makes this heater perfect for workshops, construction sites, warehouses, barns, and garages.

Another impressive feature of this heater is the comfort control thermostat. You can regulate the heat on the thermostat. The fact is that this can allow you to keep apart a little bit of fuel for other uses. Furthermore, the heater equips an air pressure and fuel gauge. This makes it easy to track the fuel cylinder and indicates when it requires replacement.

unboxing of Craftsman CMXEHAP80TKFA KeroseneDiesel Forced Air Heater

What’s more? The top-mounted carry handle increases the convenience of this device. You can direct the heat easily without having to touch the hot surface. In addition, you get a power on/off switch that ensures fast shut down and start. Maintenance is hassle-free with quick-fix service access. Furthermore, Craftsman equips this heater with an error indicator light.

Interestingly, the Craftsman CMXEHAP80TKFA Forced Air heater can be fueled by different fuel types. It includes kerosene, diesel, and JP8/Jet-A fuel. It will help you if you are on a tight budget. Are you concerned about durability? This heater boasts a robust steel construction.

Overall, you get a built-in thermostat and a 5-point safety system. And of course, Craftsman likes to add a 1-year warranty, allowing you to test the unit and check whether you like it.


  • Heat output – 80,000 BTU
  • Sq/f Heat up – 2,000
  • Safety shut off – Yes
  • Power Source – Kerosene/Diesel (Multiple types of fuel).
Craftsman CMXEHAP80TKFA KeroseneDiesel Forced Air Heater Review

Pros & Cons of Craftsman CMXEHAP80TKFA Kerosene/Diesel Forced Air Heater


  • Rugged steel construction ensures high durability
  • Built-in thermostat
  • Sealed electric motor
  • Features 5-point safety system
  • Comfortable handle for easy lifting
  • Easy to direct the heat
  • Extension cord wrap allows you to store easily
  • Top-rated air pressure gauge and fuel gauge
  • It runs on multiple fuel types
  • Start and shut down fast with a power on/off switch
  • Easy to maintain
  • Perfect for construction sites, workshops, farms, garages, and tailgates.
  • One-year limited warranty.


  • Smokes a lot
  • It’s a lot louder
  • The thermostat can malfunction.
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Why Choose Craftsman Torpedo Heaters?

Craftsman made its debut as a brand in 1927. Initially, the head of the Sears group at the time, Arthur Burrows, bought the name ‘Craftsman’ from the Marion-Craftsman Tool Company. However, Stanley Black & Decker later bought the company and is still now owned by them.

Nonetheless, a fascinating fact about Craftsman is that it is a part of NASCAR, better to say, the tool brand known officially.

Well, this brand is known for its high-end tools that are most comfortable to use. Furthermore, they are ergonomically designed and lightweight. What’s more?

Craftsman tools are very functional and easy to maintain and use. Additionally, they have never disappointed us with respect to longevity and, more so, their durability.

On that note, most owners would agree that Craftsman torpedo heaters are excellent choices for homeowners, factories, and large spaces because of their appreciating power output, size, weight, and ease of use.

What to Consider When You Select New Torpedo Heaters?

Before we delve into the best Craftsman Torpedo Heater models, let’s take a look at some of the top features you should consider while selecting your most suited torpedo heater.

Power Source

When picking any heater, the power source is the first thing you should look at. Torpedo heaters are of two types – electric and gas-powered. Although electric ones are a bit cheaper, they come up with many overwhelming features. You only need to ensure there is electricity.

However, you may face some difficulties with it in an outdoor lifestyle. In that case, gas-powered torpedo heaters would be the best choice. They usually operate with kerosene or a propane tank.

Power Output

Another essential aspect to take into consideration would be the power output, based on how much heat you need. For example –

If you are looking for a heater for outdoor use, you will have to opt for one that is over 30,000 BTU.

The power output also indicates the space that you want to heat. So you have to look for the best torpedo heater that can warm up at least 1,000 square feet.

With this in mind, one of the best examples is the Craftsman CMXEHAO80FAK Forced Air Heater. This 80,000 BTU forced heater can heat up to 2,000 square feet in no time.

However, note that all these aspects can cost you a pretty heavy.

Size and Weight

Choose a forced-air heater that doesn’t have an overbearing size and is not heavy. The decent size and weight will allow you to carry and store the heater in a confined area, thereby saving substantial time, effort and space.

Safety Features

Don’t ignore this aspect! First, you have to make sure that the torpedo heater you choose comes with numerous safety features to offer complete protection while maneuvering the device. One such safety feature is the tip feature.

This indicates that your heater will close down itself when it randomly turns over. Well, another safety feature that you can look for is the sensor. Like you see in Craftsman CMXEHAO80FAK Forced Air Kerosene Heater.

This sensor can indicate when you are running out of oxygen, making your life easier. The best torpedo heaters will shut off automatically when there is a drop in oxygen at a certain level.


Make sure to check the warranty of your heater. While torpedo heaters are equipped with many tech features, they are susceptible to a few manufacturers’ imperfections.

Remember, the industry standard for this warranty is nearly 1-year.

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It’s daunting to brace for the cold winter of the North. Furthermore, it can be more agonizing to camp in the cold. So, to let you enjoy the chilling winter months with chilled beer, we have jotted down the top Craftsman torpedo heaters for you. These models are some of the best heaters today that we believe can help meet your needs.

So which of these Craftsman torpedo heaters do you prefer? Let us know in the comment section.